How to enter Micro-Box Support Area and download files

 How to Install Micro-Box software on Windows 7 64-bit editions

 How to check Micro-Box Credits or Activations

 Resolve Box Disconnected problem

 Install Correct Driver - HTC (Wildfire)

 Install correct driver - Samsung I9000

 Install correct driver - Samsung I9000 Select Debug

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 Micro-Box First Steps, install Drivers, go to Support and download latest Software

 How to get latest Micro-Box version very easy from support server

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 Unlock code calculation & unlock procedure

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 Create Goldcard with Micro-Box HTC Cable

 Micro-Box How to Install HTC Cable

 How to Disable Driver Signature Enforcement in Windows 8


 Alcatel OT-555 Unlock

 Alcatel E221 Read Codes

 Alcatel S210 Read unlock codes

 Alcatel S320 Read Unlock Codes

 Blackberry 9300 Calculate codes by cable

 Blackberry 9700 Read Codes

 Blackberry 8520 Read unlock codes

 Blackberry 8900 Curve insert NCK

 Blackberry 8900 Curve Read Codes
 by PRD

 Blackberry 8900 Curve Read Codes

 Blackberry 9300 Generate codes
 by PRD

 Blackberry 9300 Read Codes

 Blackberry 8220 Enter Unlock
 code read

 Blackberry 8220 Read unlock
 codes by cable

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 LG GW520 Read unlock codes

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 Virtual Sim function

 How to know if your LG has
 new security

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 Emergency Mode

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 Emergency Mode

 LG KU990i Read Codes

 LG KP130 User Code reset -
 Factory Defaults

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 LG KU990i Install Micro-Box Secure Drivers Correct

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 Huawei U1100 U1000S Install
 driver & Read Codes

 Huawei U1100 U1000S Reset
 Network Codes

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 Read unlock codes

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 HTC Hero install drivers

 HTC - Write Firmware ROM
 Flash tutorial

 HTC Desire Clean S58, Unlock,
  S-OFF, SuperCID

 HTC Tatoo Clean S58 data with
 Micro-Box and HTC ADDON CABLE

 Htc One Mini IMEI Repair Micro Box

 HTC HD7 Unlock, Clean S58 data with
 Micro-Box and HTC ADDON CABLE

 HTC Desire Write Firmware ROM

 HTC Wildfire unlocking

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  unlock/freeze code

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 Samsung X510 Unlock

 Samsung Z240e Read Unlock

 Samsung Z240e Unlock

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 Samsung S8500 Direct unlock using Autopatch

 Samsung S8500 Unlocked with Autopatch method

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 Samsung X160 Direct Unlock

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 Samsung C3050 Read Codes

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 Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300 how to ROOT

 Samsung SM B312EH Direct Unlock

 Vodafone 225

 Vodafone 810 Read Codes

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 Vodafone 225 Unlock

 Vodafone 810 Read Codes

 Vodafone 228 Unlock

 Vodafone V810 Unlocked
 How to install phone drivers & unlock

 ZTE G X930 Unlocked




 BIC read codes

 E205 unlock

 OT280 unlock

 S320 unlock

 E801 unlock

 S211 read code

 S320 read code

 C635 read code

 c701 code read

 V770 unlock

 OT363 calculate

 S210 unlock

 E227 unlock with cable E207

 E221 Read Code

 E259 Read Code

 BIC read codes

 C630 read codes



 8310 Curve unlock


 8707v unlock

 8820 read codes

 8900 Curve read code

 8310 read code

 8900 Curve unlock

 9520 unlock

 8320 unlock

 8520 unlock

 8707V engineering code calculation

 9500 Storm unlock

 9650 Bold unlock

 9700 unlock

 9780 read code



 ELF Read Code

 Desire Read Code

 Desire create goldcard


 Htc module activation

 Polaris Read Code

 G1-G2 jtag read

 Wildfire direct unlock

 Wildfire unlock

 Blackstone code reader



 U120 unlock

 E160 calc code

 U1220 read code

 U7310 unlock


 U8230 Unlock



 KG800 fast direct unlock


 KP501 unlock


 KS360 unlock

 GB130 read code

 KF700 direct unlock

 KU990 NEW

 KP501 read ciode

 KU990 read ciode

 KE970 direct unlock

 KP501 unlock

 GW620 unlock

 KG220 fast direct unlock

 KM900 read codes

 KP130 Direct Unlock

 KP500 new read codes

 KG375 read codes

 KF600 NEW read codes

 KU990IG read codes

 KG275 read codes


 KE970 read code

 KP550 read code

 GS107 read code

 GB108 read code

 KP202 direct unlock

 KP100 read codes

 GS290 Read Codes

 GS290 unlock

 GB220 read codes

 GB250 read codes

 KU990 write new firmware

 GU280 read codes

 KC910 direct unlock


 KM380 read codes

 KP500 IMEI repair

 GU230 read codes

 F2400 unlock

 KP100 Read Codes

 KU990 NEW unlock

 KP500 NEW unlock

 GB130 unlock

 KM900 unlock


 KU990i step 1 install driver

 KU990i step 2 read code

 KU990i step 3 virtual SIM card

 KU990i step 1
 emergency mode needed

 KU990i step 2
 how to put phone in emergency mode

 KU990i step 3
 read code in emergency mode

 KC910 unlock

 KS360 read code


 KU990IG read codes


 KF510 read codes

 KC550 unlock

 KG130 direct unlock



 GB108 read NCK OK

 GS101 read code



 KG130 direct unlock

 GS105 read code

 KM570 read code

 KP501 new read code

 KG130 unlock

 KM900 read code

 KU990 NEW direct unlock

 KG275 read codes

 KP235 direct unlock

 GT350 Read Unlock Code

 GS106 code read

 KU250 direct unlock



 MY212X Read Code

 MY400V Read Code

 MY220X direct unlock

 MY511X read codes

 411Xi Read code + Direct Unlock

 MY210X direct unlock

 MY332V read code

 MY411XI Read Code & unlock

 C5-3 read code

 VS5 read code

 MY210X read codes

 My220v Direct Unlock




 E1080F code reading

 C3050 user code

 Z500 turbo unlock

 U900 direct unlock

 J700v read code

 L760 direct unlock

 J600 unlock

 L810V direct unlock


 Z140 unlock

 I900v calculate code


 U700V flashing procedure


 E900 unlock

 C140 direct unlock

 D900i unlock

 F480 Flash Write

 I900 read network codes

 S5600 read code

 E1080 read code




 X660 Direct Unlock



 J700 read code

 X640 Read Code

 F700 write flash

 D900I read codes

 C450 direct unlock in 1sec

 T819 unlock

 E740 user code

 C300 unlock

 S400I direct unlock

 j700 read codes

 S5230 read code

 S5233w read code

 X450 read code

 E1120 read code

 I607 read code

 I5700 unlock

 s5230 read code



 Galaxy Ace read codes


 8300t code read

 I9100 Galaxy s 2 read unlock code

 L770 Read Code

 s8500 unlock

 T639 Read Unlock Code

 J400 Read Unlock Code

 S5750E read codes

 s3350 code reading

 I5800 Unlock

 M8800 turbo unlock

 U700v direct unlock

 Z506 direct unlock

 F480 calculate code

 E330N read code

 Omnia i900 unlock

 C270 unlock

 E1120 unlock

 S5600 unlock

 E2210 unlock




 B3210 user code


 Z170 unlock

 Z170 write flash

 E250V read Locks

 U600 Fast Direct Unlock

 D500 Fast Direct Unlock

 D600 read code

 B300 Very Fast Direct Unlock

 E900 direct unlock

 D840 Direct Unlock

 E1080T Direct Unlock

 Z105 Direct Unlock

 L170 write flash

 L170 unlock

 X480 repair eprom & direct unlock

 V200 unlock

 U700 unlock

 C450 unlock

 U700 read code

 F400 read code

 T919 unlocked

 M7600 read code

 I9000 Direct Unlock

 C520 unlock

 C180 Direct Unlock

 C270 read codes

 E880 read codes

 S8300 read codes


 i5500 read cordes


 S8300 read unfreeze unlock code

 ZV40 user code reset


 ‪i9003 read unlock code

 i5801 read unlock code

 E1105 Read Code

 E1210S Read Code

 E1360 Read Code

 S7330 Read Code

 c3530 code reading

 Galaxy ace(GT- S5830D)



 343 noir unlock


 noir 232 code calculate

S710 Read Code




 SKYPE S2 unlock








 541 get code

 541 code cal

 226 direct unlock


 533 read codes

 v715 read unlock code



 N281 unlock




Samsung I9300 – Galaxy S3 ROOT and UNLOCK procedure


Micro-box & HTC


HTC android (forced) drivers instalation

How to install Micro-box on
Win 7 32bit


How to update your provider id list using SERVER connection


How to enter codes in BlackBerry 8520

1. Insert any sim card
2. Turn off all of the wireless connections
3. Go to Options
4. Select Advanced Options
5. Select SIM Card
6. Hit menu, select show keyboard (where needed)
7. MEPPD type MEPD or (you will not be Able to see the typed info)
8. Enter MEP2 or MEPP2
9. Now it will say Enter Network MEP code

BlackBerry 8520


Tutorial: LG KS20
Learn how to unlock you LG KS20

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